“I have had the pleasure of working with Steve for 10 years. That kind of longevity can only be based on quality. Quality of timeliness, professionalism, reasonable prices and awesome service. Steve has supplied graphics, logos, web designs, multiple advertising layouts and awesome videos. No matter what the project, Steve is always up-front, honest to a fault, and delivers what he promises. And luckily for me – he has a problem saying “no – that can’t be done.” He always figures out a way that works for me and my budget. When I need something done right – quickly – and with great personalized service – I go to Steve. You should too.” ~ Malin Zergiebel, web developer and media consultant, TSGWebPlus

“Steve works in an unusual way… he does what you ask but does it in a better, more creative way than you ever envisioned. He’s easy to work with, reliable, and has a real marketing sense in addition to technical knowhow. Too often, web people know how to make it pretty but not how to make it sell.” ~ Mac McLanahan, artistic director, Rose Garden Coffeehouse

“Working with Idesign Graphics has always been a dream. But now that I can update my own text and photos, I have the best of both worlds: professional web support with the convenience of updating my site whenever I wish. The page manager is easy to use, the tools are intuitive, and I know Steve is always there if I run into a snag. If you’re ready to fly through the air with the greatest of ease — but still need a net — this is the place to jump!” ~ Leslie Lee, Musician, LeslieandSteve.com

“I worked closely with Steve at The Patriot Ledger for more than 20 years. His standards are high and his work is first-rate. He’s a tech wizard and incredibly creative. His superb vision enables him to see and prevent problems before they occur. He has design skills that elude most of us mortals, and a really nice touch with graphics. He also has an abundance of candor. He will always tell you exactly what he thinks, whether or not you want to hear it, and always does exactly what he tells you he’s going to do. This is a guy you can count on.” ~ Ken Johnson, Online News Editor, The Patriot Ledger

Steve is that rare combination of artist, writer, photographer, videographer and technical expert that you don’t find in one person often enough. Furthermore, his work is remarkably fast, accurate, creative and timely. We are nearly always on the same page, which is so very helpful in our busy-ness when time flies and you need it NOW! I don’t quite understand how such a creative person can make jobs appear so effortless, but he does. I feel fortunate to know that when Steve says he will do something, it will be done right away and it will be done right. I heartily recommend Steve Ide for all things graphic, written, web-based, photographic and video-graphic! Put him to the test. I know you’ll be pleased. ~ Mary Burdette, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival/Rhythm & Roots Festival

“I’ve worked with Steve since 2010, when he launched our brand-new website.  He offered lots of great suggestions and really listened to me, responding to what I envisioned. I do the majority of updates to the site, which he made sure I understood how to do, which has allowed incredible flexibility and responsiveness; our site is always up-to-date! He’s readily implemented more difficult updates and changes, often even better than I requested.  Because of Steve, our website is effective and easily updated – and never a worry!” ~ Kathy Hinds, President, Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog