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Jun 10 2008

How high is the lawn?

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OK, admittedly, this is bad.

It took us almost two months to get our tractor back from the repair shop. In that time, the grass grew, and grew, and grew! The backyard got so bad, we actually called contractors looking to just knock it down, with prices ranging up to $2,000 (NOT!).

Fortunately, we got the tractor back today. And, even more fortunately, our buddy Joe (a Floridian at heart) jumped on the opportunity to get out in the heat and attack our lawn beast ….

Joe, lost in the grass
Can you make out the tractor?

So, is it done? Not yet. The belt broke and now the tractor must go in for servicing. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long this time to get it repaired or we might as well not bother this summer….. sigh….

UPDATE, June 22, 2008: Finally, we finished the cutting the lawn and it is more or less presentable again! The tractor survives!

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Jun 10 2008

Rachel thanked at synagogue

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Rachel was among many people thanked this year at the end of the year graduation ceremonies. Rachel worked as a teaching assistant throughout the year. In the video below, she is thanked by Kim Bodemer and by the Rabbi….

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