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Jun 20 2009

Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah

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Mindy makes a head count
Mindy does a head count ~ Click to view more photos

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Jun 13 2009

Samantha visits geese & horses

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Samantha enjoys visit to nursery ~ click for more photos
Click to view more photos

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Jun 05 2009

Rachel’s Graduation

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Click for photos from Graduation

Video clips of other friends:

Brianna: View | Download
Judy: View | Download
Kayla: View | Download
Cameron: View | Download


Rachel gets hair highlights for graduation

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Jun 01 2009

Eagle Court of Honor

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Eagle Court of Honor for
David Sullivan, Brandon Rose, Cam Parker and Zach Cobb.

Click image to see photos from the Eagle Court of Honor, May 31, 2009

Sorry my photos are a bit grainy, but I think they came out largely OK. Click the image above to see the photo gallery. I haven’t yet gone through my videos. If any are worth posting, I will post them here.

For other photos from Scouting over the years, click here.

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