Jan 24 2011

PHOTOS: Jared’s trip to Israel

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Jared rides a camel

Jared rides a camel ~ Photo from album on Facebook from Molly Kaviar

Jared has started posting photos from his 10-day Israel trip to Facebook. I am providing links to those albums below. Jared hasn’t provided a lot of captions; hopefully he’ll fill in the blanks.

If you do not have a Facebook account and would like to see the photos, let me know, and I can probably make some selections for you to see.

Jared in Israel

Jared in Israel

Photos from Day 1: Toronto and arrival in Israel
Day 2:
Israel, Kibbutz, carrier pigeons, grilled falafel, view of Gaza Strip
Day 3:
Sunrise on Masada
Day 4: Camels and caves
Day 5: Western Wall and Market in Jerusalem
Day 6: Downtown tour and Ben Yehuda Street
Day 7: Holocaust Museum and Military Cemetery
Day 8: Hiking and Golan Heights Winery
Day 9: Hiking and Tzfat Gallery of Mystical Art
Day 10: Touring Tel Aviv

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