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Apr 22 2012

Elise & Avi Raich wedding

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Avi & Elise kiss after the cake cutting

Avi & Elise kiss after the cake cutting - Click photo to see more photos from the wedding.

More of Steve’s photos from the wedding – Fotki  |  Smugmug

Jason’s photos from the wedding  –  Fotki  |  Smugmug

Hi folks. I have put all of these photos online in two places, where you can buy prints (I don’t make money on this; the services involved do). I tend to crop some of my photos in a way that doesn’t always fit normal 4×6 sizes. If you are trying to order a picture and it will end up with a weird crop or chop off someone’s head or something weird, let me know. I can provide a full frame version for you.

The cheaper of the two services is (15 cents a print). The address is:   …  The other service is called (19 cents a print), and their prints are a tad more expensive, but they give a few more options, including mounting and framing. Their address is:  …. Let me know if you have any questions…..Steve

Videos from the wedding, shot by Jason Kaplan:

Gilad sings a song for Avi & Elise:

Avi & Elise’s first dance:

Avi & Elise dance the hora

A few dance scenes:

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Apr 07 2012

Photos from Passover 2012

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Eli makes the scene at his first Passover

Eli makes the scene at his first Passover

All the rest of the photos from Passover at Anne Gail’s are here.

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