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Feb 14 2010

Photos of friends from Joe Val 2010

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Pictures of friends from Joe Val
Click to view photos of our rag-tag group from Joe Val 2010

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Aug 30 2009

1992 photos of Ted Kennedy

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I thought I’d share these photos of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Whether or not you were a fan of the Liberal Lion, he was a popular figure, and I remember being thrilled to meet him and get the chance to shoot these photos. It’s not often you get a chance to meet a U.S. senator, especially one of such renown.

Click to see all 9 photos in the set

These were scanned from negatives. I did the best I could to eliminate dust and scratches. He was at the Irish Festival in Easton, Mass., June 15, 1992. Here he is posing with members of the band The Chieftains, his fiancee Victoria Reggie and the Rev. Bartley McFadden, president of Stonehill College.

I remember Kennedy being a very nice guy, who seemed to take an interest in everyone he met, including me, covering the event as a journalist. I remember him being cordial and asking questions about me, despite the fact that I was with the press. This photo was taken when the bigger story was Victoria Reggie, whom he later married.

If you click the photo above and check out the rest of the photos, my newspaper ran the last photo in the set. In subsequent years the paper ran multiple times a cropped picture of Reggie. In retrospect, I should have turned in for publication the penultimate photo, since Kennedy was sort of facing forward. Who knows why I chose the one I did. Sometimes you just make decisions and move on ….

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Jul 21 2007

2007 Grey Fox

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The last sunset at Grey Fox 2007

We enjoyed this gorgeous sunset — the last one we will see on the Rothvoss Farm — for Grey Fox 2007. There were lots of photos of us and here are the videos of us shot around camp:

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Jul 26 2006

2006 Grey Fox Slideshow

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