Nov 20 2011

VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Rachel plays Lady Montague in ‘Romeo & Juliet’

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Rachel played Lady Montague in the English Department’s production of “Romeo & Juliet,” which ran from Nov. 15-20 at Fitchburg State. Though Rachel only had a few lines, it was her first main stage production, and some members of the troupe may re-enact the show when they go to Scotland this summer.

Click for more photos. Rachel plays Lady Montague in Romeo & Juliet.

Rachel plays Lady Montague in Romeo & Juliet.

See photos on Facebook, or see even more photos on Fotki.

I’m still working on videos from the show, but the first act is online, if you want to test out your abilities to understand Shakespeare. It actually helps understand it better when you see it acted out!

Act 1 Part 1

Act 1 Part 2

Act 1 Part 3

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Dec 11 2009

Rachel in “Philadelphia”

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The Falcon Players at Fitchburg State College put on a multi-skit play called “All in the Timing.” Rachel performed in a skit called “Philadelphia.” Below is a video of that skit. Excuse the occasional blips in the video. Those occurred as I took snapshots mid-video. Most of it is intact. (Parents note: There IS swearing in this video.)

Rachel in Philadelphia - click to see more pictures from the show
Click to view more photos from show

More videos from the show:

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