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VIDEOS: Folk duo Buskin & Batteau in Mansfield on Saturday

2011 March 17
by Steve Ide
Robin Batteau ~ Photo by Stephen Ide

The duo of David Buskin & Robin Batteau bring a special combination to the stage. It began some time ago, when folk singer Tom Rush asked the duo to perform as his backup band. I remember seeing the B&B/Rush combination years ago in Bridgeport, Conn. I went to the show to see Tom Rush. I left there with a Buskin & Batteau LP.

David Buskin & Robin Batteau ~ Photo by Stephen Ide

David Buskin & Robin Batteau ~ Photo by Stephen Ide

The duo will perform at the Rose Garden Coffeehouse in Mansfield, on Saturday, March, 19, 2011.

I lost track of them for a while, as they continued making music and jingles for a bunch of companies. The duo also went their separate ways for a time, more recently with Buskin performing in the comedy trio Modern Man (who also performed at the Rose Garden), before reuniting a few years back. While they might be a tad older, and likely wiser, they have lost none of their wit. Their shows are sprinkled with the kind of clever humor that can only come from comfort with one another, years of performing and a cynical eye toward the topics of the day. While their songs are a mixture of folk, pop, rock, with sensitive, well-crafted lyrics and musical hooks, audiences enjoy the repartee.

Enjoy some videos of Buskin & Batteau, recorded recently:

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