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How to find videos of bluegrass and folk acts

2012 March 28
by Steve Ide
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Although I often try to share my photos and videos between this blog and Facebook and online in various places, sometimes there is a disconnect. If you are regular reader of this irregularly published blog, you may have seen posts to my videos here. But they are all available on my Youtube channel:

Why am I telling you this? Blatant self-promotion, of course, but there’s more:

Youtube screenshot of

Youtube screenshot of

If you think I may have attended an event, and even shot videos there, it’s likely they will or have made it onto that Youtube channel before they make it here. Often, posts to the blog reflect current or upcoming events and I will draw from my Youtube channel to support the content on this blog. If you are a fan of Youtube, feel free to go to that channel and “subscribe” to it. That will ensure that you don’t miss my latest video posts.

Another way to see them is to “Like” my Facebook page, which is supposed to feed my Youtube videos to it. This isn’t as immediate, and because of that I will occasionally manually post my videos to that page before the feed displays them. In essence, they sometimes end up there twice. But since that page also includes information from numerous other sources of folk and bluegrass music, it’s not often that it seems like a flood of the same videos. But you can feel free to comment and tell me otherwise, if you disagree.

— Steve Ide


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